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Tom's Midnight garden by Philippa Pearce

Tom doesn't want to go to his aunt Gwen's and uncle Alan's flat because he is on holiday. Tom has to go there because his brother, Peter, has got measles so he has to go there to avoid catching them. One night Tom heard the grandfather clock strike thirteen. . . Tom goes downstairs and opens the back door. His uncle and aunt had said ''really Tom there is nothing to see '' but now Tom doesn't believe them because now he sees a garden with flower beds and yew trees that were glistening in the morning dew . . . Tom makes friends with a girl called Hatty and she shows him all around the garden, but later on in the story (the day that Tom goes home )Tom finds out that he is only in Mrs Bartholomew's dreams.

I like this because you don't know whether Tom's dreaming or not and you don't know whether Hatty's a ghost. The main characters are Tom and Hatty. I'd recommend this book to seven and upwards because younger children might not understand it .


On Observations on Society


Granjy’s eyes punish.

They threaten, warn, scold and torment me. Blind and blinding, milky-white like acetylene, they cut deep into me; the agony is every bit as excruciating.

I’m the only one that can see them, as clear as day - as clearly as I see that light-switch, or that chair, or those curtains. I see them all the time.

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