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Black Friday

On The Grey Flag

The moon illuminated the gradually darkening sky. It was a cooling evening but his whole body stank of dried sweat. He had been in the same spot for the past two days, braving the scorching afternoon sun, the cold nights and the occasional light showers. It was a lot to endure, but he did not dare to stray away from his post. That would put all his efforts in the past two days to waste. He looked around himself. He was surrounded by enemies. Every single one of these enemies was in the same situation as him. It was tough, but all of them pushed on. Giving up was no longer an option at this stage.

He looked at his watch, in about ten more minute's time, the gates would open and he would charge in, along with all the others with him out here. He ran through the plan one more time in his mind. Which location should he go to first? Which targets should he prioritize? Was there any flaw in the plan that he might have missed out? Failure was not an option right now, the people back home would be so disappointed, and he was determined not to let them down.

Five more minutes.

The moment was finally arriving. He was finding it hard to contain his excitement. He had waited so long for this moment to arrive. He eyed the man nearest to him who was staring right back him. Just like him, this man had been waiting here for the past two days. They shared the same objective but there was no love lost between the two men. The only exchange they had for the past two days were a series of hostile and primitive snarling. Still, it was good to have a companion in this lonely battle.

The two men glared at each other like two hyenas fighting over a carcass on the African savannah. This man would probably be the greatest enemy later, he made up his mind as he began to devise a plan to negate the threat in front of him. Maybe he could push him as they were running in later. Or perhaps he should be more discreet and trip him instead. No, the best way would be to just run faster than all the others and grab the target before they do. Yes, that would be it.

Back In The Fight

On The Slippery Kangaroo

I recently started reading Back In The Fight by Sergeant First Class Joseph Kapacziewski (Kapa-chess-ski) and Charles W Sasser. The story follows Kapacziewski as he goes through Army Ranger training shortly after 9/11 and his experience fighting in the war.

Before I go on, I want you to know that I don't usually read the synopsis of a book, I like to go in not knowing what to expect. I did notice that the guy on the cover of the book had a prosthetic leg, but that was ALL I knew. I didn't know how he got it (fighting I supposed) or when, or what he meant by "back in the fight."

After reading the first few pages (taking place in Afghanistan 2009) I felt that Kapacziewski was very inspiring (as most military men/women are in my opinion). That first chapter is only six pages, and the last line makes you realize how amazing Kapacziewski really is and why his story is worth telling.

SFC Kapacziewski started basic training a week after the attack on the twin towers. Prior to 9/11 most enlisted soldiers were unlikely to actually see combat, this is the mindset SFC Kapacziewski had when he enlisted. That being said he wanted to go to war, he wanted to fight, in his mind he had entered the army at the perfect time.

In 2005 SFC Kapacziewski shattered his right leg below the knee after a grenade fell into his Stryker vehicle.

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