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A Multi-cultural, Cyberpunk, Wild-west, Hip-hop, Feminist Graphic Novel Series

The Rangerverse is a world that I've been writing, building, researching, and concepting, for over 10 years. What started off as a sketch while waiting for a class (above) turned into an expansive concept with over 10 series planned and starring more than 30 leading heroes and heroines.

Ranger is a series of action-packed, multi-cultural, cyberpunk, wild-west, hip-hop, feminist, graphic novels with limited and ongoing titles. The first being a limited series titled Rendezvous. Ranger gets into stuff from breakdancing and motorcycle gunfights to speculative history & political intrigue to civil rights & LGBTQ issues.

It all starts with...

The Alpha Gene

Spotlight - Petits Bisous


I have often pondered over the concept of ‘sexy lingerie’. Perfectly sculpted to compliment the female physique, one can easily forget that these seductive lacy under garments have more than one purpose. With this thought slowly mustering away in my mind, I have to say I was pleasantly taken back to hear the owner of a luxury lingerie boutique in the heart of London challenge these very preconceptions.

Introducing business woman and a true entrepreneur, Esther Fieldgrass. Inspired by a weekend spent in the beautiful boudoirs of Paris, she went on to build the beginnings of Petits Bisous, a leading luxury lingerie empire in Chelsea.

“Luxurious lingerie should not be saved for special occasions, or purely for your partner’s gratification, but should be worn for your own happiness and pleasure” – Esther Fieldgrass

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