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Ranger Re: Feminism

Given the heavily feminine concept of the Ranger series, the leading roles are largely driven by empowered women of various ethnicity, shapes & sizes, and orientations, comprising over 60% of the cast.

As a creative with wide-ranging interests from civil rights & politics to science & health to bboying & fashion, Ranger is a dense world. The series is as focused on social commentary & history as it is speculative technology and action.

As a feminist, something I wanted to address was an issue that has always particularly perturbed me – the “stripperific” portrayal of women in popular, mainstream media and comic books. For those unfamiliar with the term, the concept is well-defined by the guys and gals over at tvtropes.org.

I mean to balance utilitarian and fashion-forward fare and create a setting where near-future functionality and radical silhouettes are as important as the historical accuracy of the side-arms and the cool-ness of the robot suits– I am not interested in unnecessary over-sexualization. The female commandos from my US military series Ranger: FORSEC are not an inexplicably garbed stripper squad, they dress in appropriate military clothing and the robes and armor of the samouryu are based on real-life designs.

Another Today's Bets (14.09.2013)

On Who Will Score?

Initial, I decided to place on the blog only the most sure bets of each day. But now, I will change the goal of the blog and I will place all the bets of each day, with a result in the end of the day.

So, another bets that I did today are:

1. Manchester United - Cristal Palace: Under 2.5 (odd - 2.65, Bwin). Result: 2-0 (+);

2. Aston Villa - Newcastle United: Over 2.5 (odd - 1.87, Bwin). Result: 1-2 (+);

3. System (5/6):

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