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Don’t Just Go to College

My advice for people who currently go to College and are thinking to themselves "what should I do other than college?" (as I do) Is:

Don’t just go to College.

College is a weird place. Its easy to get lost in the small joys,  make countless, seemingly harmless mistakes, all while  getting good grades, which, at least at the undergraduate level, doesn't require too much thought or critical thinking.

But College is insidious. Its easy to see who’s making it and who isn't while you’re in College. There’s that kid that can never find time to hang out cause he has work,  an internship, or he’s working for a start-up  or better yet, starting one himself. Sometimes there’s the kid that leads groups to do volunteer work, starts a non-profit and creates change. These people aren't just going to College.

Focus on One Thing

On Kevin Espiritu

I’ve recently realized that when I was playing poker, even though there were a multitude of different things to study within the game – psychology, combinatorics, game theory, bankroll management, etc – they were all under the umbrella of poker. Basically, I could work on them all while I put in hours at the table. Sure, focusing on improving at one during a session is better than trying to do them all, but either way each skill was being exercised.

Since I’ve quit and focused on making my own way in online-based entrepreneurship, I’ve run into a problem that I never had before.  The problem of focus.

There are so many different business models that are viable online – affiliate, service-based, web design, web development, software as a service, e-commerce, etc – that it’s not possible to be a master of them all.  I’ve found it hard to focus on one because I get so interested in the way that they all work and find myself bleeding time just learning for the fun of it. This is great, but it definitely costs me time, which to me is more valuable than money.

So, this post is a message to myself to hone in, really focus, on one particular aspect of online entrepreneurship. I’m going to help local businesses develop their online presence. This means I will help them with:

This means that for now, I won’t be learning about:

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