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My Life and Food

My relationship to food has been one of the most tumultuous aspects of my life. According to my parents, when i was young i would eat literally everything: Beans, tomatoes, Lettuce, all kinds of fruits and Vegetables. As i started growing up my diet kept becoming more and more restrained. I remember  becoming almost completely anti-vegetarian, eating only meat, chicken, and pork and sometimes bananas and apples. I didn't even like fish. Furthermore i detested expensive food, even if, at least in hindsight, they were worth the price. in Fact I remember constantly saying "Why pay 30-40 dollars for a good sushi/sashimi meal when i can just go to fuddruckers and get full for 10-15 bucks?"

For some reason though, in my early teens, i suddenly started becoming more adventurous, I started trying fish with "exotic" sauces (Passion fruit) and eating sushi and sashimi to he point whre i would crave it every time we would decide on a restaurant.

Nowadays my life practically revolves around food. Of all the money I've spent in the past month, nearly 95% of it has gone to food of some sort (I don't have any real living expenses due to Financial Aid). I consider myself a huge foodie because in my opinion eating and tasting food is something so primal that it has the potential the create some of the most unique experiences. As such now, Almost everytime I go out I try to search for that boutique Cafe that sales high quality espresso, or that craft beer bar that has over 200 beers or even that one bakery that sucks at everything but for some reason has amazing canolis. Every time I go I am bound to make friends with someone, whether it be a fellow foodie or the owner and I am always filled with joy.

Of all the cuisines in the world the ones I love most by far are Japanese and Spanish Cuisine. Japanese cuisine is exceptional because it revolves almost completely around the idea of having fresh fish and ingredients. Other than the need of freshness in sushi and sashimi, the Japanese attention to detail is bar non. the amount of passion and focus that goes into something as simple as perfecting the broth of a ramen dish, or the the thickness of each soba noodle is something that will never stop amazing me.

Second is Spanish cuisine. While Japanese cuisine is mostly about carefully and calmly enjoying the subtle nuances of each dish, Spanish cuisine is all about completely filling your taste buds. Eating Jamon Iberico, the best ham in the world, fills your mouth with an indistinguishable, amazing taste that you will remeber for years. The fresh seafood ranging from different types of shrimps, prawns and lobsters mixed with a blend of spices and oils will fill mouth with a unique blend of flavors that are not only difficult to forget, very hard to not have occasional cravings for.

Getting More Greens

On Kelby Barker

Remember when you were a kid and your mom would tell you to eat your veggies? Oh the torture of having to eat all of those nasty, green things before you could get to the good stuff. Oddly enough, down the road not a lot has changed. Well, for some people it hasn't.

Vegetables and leaves are one of the keys to a healthy life that most of us lack. If we added the green stuff to our diet, more than likely most of us would be, feel, and look much better. Yet a lot of people struggle with getting their vegetables in and a lot of that has to do with their taste. Here is how I, now a full blown vegetarian, went from hating veggies to loving them.

Why we hate those little green things

Ideally we will be mindful when we eat our food. We will endeavor to experience each bite as a new experience. In doing so we can get great satisfaction from our meal and cultivate an appreciation for the finer points of our food. Being mindful about our food can help us to really savor the flavors, but what if you just can't stand the food no matter how good it is for you?

We're hard wired to seek out energy-dense foods. Fats and sugars make for prime calories in the wild, so we're naturally inclined to like the way they taste. Veggies and leaves are two of the things that are all star at rounding out our nutritional bouquet. But unlike meats, which have fat in them and are thus immediately delicious, veggies and leaves have cellulose. Cellulose is hard for most of us to enjoy without first learning to like it, and so when given the choice between greens and meats, we go with the meats. Couple that with the fact that a lot of veggies are low in the sugars that makes fruit so good, and you have a food that isn't all that appetizing, especially raw.

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