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The Unique and Different Lifestyles of Today's Youth

I have always been extremely surprised at how varied and different people's lives are. I have always been a bit "different". I never really cared for society's largely illogical and baseless rules. Ever since I was small I always thought of myself as "anti-social" not because I didn't talk to people (I was young and outgoing) but rather because I never felt doing something solely cause Society's said it made sense.

Society's power is subtle, yet powerful. It pulls and tugs from all direction from a variety of sources, Your friends, your family, the media etc. This is why so many people say the best way to get ahead is to surround yourself with those who you want to be like. But lately it’s been better. Largely in part because of the internet, the Western world has managed to become more and more individualized. Every day I see a new blogger share his ideas and experiences, someone different, and someone proud of who they are and what they have to offer. Books such as The 4- Hour Work Week and The Art of Non-Conformity have only perpetuated the movement.

I've been trying to come up with a name for this movement, and so far the best name I've come up with is the  self-determination movement.

This Self-determination movement has just been erupting. Blog posts such as  this one and this one continue to show how people have come to the realization that by not following the masses and leveraging what, when and where they allocate their money they can increase their finances and independence.

But with this new movement something else has made itself apparent: Just how distant some of these people (including me) are from the rest of the world. in the words of one of the blogs I read once "it’s not that I'm lonely, it’s that I like being alone". It’s not to say these people are compulsively anti-social or anything like that. Some of these people are constantly meeting other bloggers and forming huge social networks. But sometimes I feel the same way. It’s not necessarily that I hate society or that I am anti-social, I just love being enthralled and surrounded by what I love: the internet, blog posts, good food, Japanese, exercise, travel etc. that I don't mind being alone for extended period of times.

Saving More than you spend

On Ideas in the Making

This is my first SETT post form another blog of mine, I'm in the Process of making this my main Blog


One of the biggest mistakes I see young people making is spending their money capriciously and not saving. If your bank account or investment portfolios aren't growing, or you are not expecting them to grow something is awfully wrong. S&P 500 has been shown to go up around 10% every year in the long run. There are treasury bonds and other investment vehicles as well which can ensure that your money is at the very least keeping up with inflation.

When I started earning some money last year I ended up investing or saving up 4/5 of it, and kept spending my money frugally and only splurged once or twice. Being frugal, saving up, and thinking about the future is crucial, especially at a young age because you have so much time for compound intrest to take hold

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