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My Story.. Sort of.

So, I've been thinking a lot about stories lately. Movies, Books, Real Life Stories. And the conclusion I've come to is it's not about the story. It's not even about the ending or what you've learned from the story. Its all about how the story effected you. Some stories make us Cry, others make us laugh, others teach us a lesson that we will never ever listen to. Stories change us, they make us think differently. Some stories help us to grow up and have a more mature mind setting. Other stories, allow us to become a child again and to believe that the world is full of magic. All stories have one thing in common though. They all affect us in some way. This isn't my story, but it is, how it affected me.

Before he left, I never cried at all. I hated the rain and I always took my friends for granted. I didn't treat my family as well as they deserved and I wasn't thankful for anything. I thought my life was great! That I had everything I could ever want, but boy was I wrong.

At the end of my story, he left. And I transformed like a chameleon. I began to see the world around me as if it was something special. I saw the magic in the rain, how even though it could cause destruction, and danger, it also was needed to create life. It is as natural as the sunlight, and even more beautiful. I began crying, ALL THE FREAKING TIME. However, It wasn't ever because I was sad. The smallest act of love, or friendship, even honesty, would make me burst into tears. I just, couldn't believe how wonderful the people of this world could be, and I was so happy to finally be able to see the wonders of these people. I made new friends. Before he left me, I was insecure. I thought, people didm't really like me, they just tolerated me to be nice. Now, I don't care if that's all people are doing. It's their choice, just like its my choice to put myself out there and meet new people. Even if that means talking to the random kids sitting next to us at the movies, or the guy who checks us out at Meijer. They're all people, and people deserve to be appreciated. Which brings me to my next subject, appreciation. I began to appreciate EVERYTHING in my life. I realized that everything could be gone in a second, so why not live every second for all its worth? I began hugging my mom and sister every chance I got. I actually started to have areal relationship with my dad again. I am so grateful for everything I have. My story affected me in more ways than I can share, but above everything else, It helped me see the true beauty in the world, and the true evil of ignorance.

Now its your turn. How did your story, whatever that may be, affect you?

Early On a Sunday Morning (Mother ' s Day!)

On Where Pianos Roam

First of all .  .  .  . I have to admit that Mother's Day is one of my favorite days of the year.  In my case, I get to give my Mom a bit more TLC than usual.  Well, she truly is the one person who's stood by me, my sisters, and my brother all of our lives without fail.  This is a pretty amazing thing considering all the hardships we've been through. [caption id="attachment_927" align="aligncenter" width="463" caption="Guess who that baby is."][/caption] My Mom was given the name Lualhati and was born in a small town 3 hours north of Manila, Philippines in a very small farming town called Zaragoza (in the province of Nueva Ecija). Her Mom (my Grandmother) was Soccoro Roque, and her Father (my Grandfather) was Rafael Roque.  She was a schoolteacher, and he was both a tailor and a farmer.  They raised 4 children together in this sleepy little  town where everyone knew each other. My Mom would grow up to be a school teacher herself and has taught at the elementary and grade school level for many years.  She is arguably the most meticulous and organized person I know.  (Her towels and bedsheets, for example, are stacked and aligned with precision on a color coordinated grid.  I've always thought she might have had a wonderful career in the military. )   She's also the type of person who remembers other people's birthdays.  She's very perceptive and incredibly shrewd. Incidentally, she's also quite beautiful .  .  . She's part of a long line of very beautiful women in my life that goes all the way down to my sisters and my little niece Lai. If my Mom has taught me anything (and she's taught me a lot, by the way), she showed me, by way of example, the importance of being there for the people you care about.  My Mom continues to live a lifetime of being there for me and my whole family.  She has been consistently dependable and supportive all of my life. It is because of her that I make every effort to be at my nephew's championship football games.  It is because of her that I stay faithful to my closest friends.  It is because of her that there has been and always will be a lot of love in my life.    This is the stuff of life--a cherished lesson my Mom has unknowingly taught me. Happy Mother's Day, Mom, and thank you, for everything. Secondly .  .  . My Mom is not the only Mother in my family.  My older Sister Leth is raising 4 lively and adorable children with her husband Danny. Here is her life's work in progress .  .  .  . Here she is (yup, another beauty)  .  .  . She also has a cool blog called LuluBelleSunshine.  Check it out here.  She blogs about all kinds of cool knitting patterns, easy recipes for delicious food (She's a very good cook with a knack for seasoning), and our family. While my Mom might be one of the most organized people I know, my sister is probably one of the smartest--one of those kinds of people who barely listened in class but still managed to get good grades--(yeah, one of those).  She's a fast learner at just about anything, and as you can see by her knitting skills, she can succeed at anything she puts her mind to.  So far, it's quite apparent that her son Tyler has inherited this special gift. Happy Mother's Day, Sis!!  You get to celebrate this day for the rest of your life.  Your kids are lucky and blessed to have you. We are all going out for a Mother's Day lunch.  I'll take pictures and share them later. I hope this is a great day for everyone! -gordo

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