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Getting Closer and Closer to falling in love with you...

Well, here I am, the typical mat maid falling for one of the wrestlers. Normally its no biggy, most stat girls are dating someone on the team. My big plot twist? I'm not only the team manager, but also, the coach's daughter. And unfortunately, daddy might not like me dating one of his kids. I mean, its not like he's a bad kid or anything, but let's face it. He's a high school boy. And high school boys talk to each other. What would people think if they found out he was dating a coach's daughter? Probably that he was only doing it to get out of log rolls at the end of practice. (Not that my dad would ever let him skip log rolls.) But people are people, and they will assume things. I know I shouldn't care what people think, and to be honest, I don't really. But I do care about what my dad thinks and this is his job. I feel like I shouldn't be creating issues for him at work because of my own selfish reasons. I just, don't know what to do at this point...

That being said...

I Really like this guy. I mean, obviously he's a wrestler which gives him like 10,000 brownie points. But its more than that, he's like REALLY shy, he always looks down and talks very quietly. But when you get him to open up to you, when you see him laugh... OH EM GEE. It just gives me the most amazing feeling. It's like, my heart is glowing, and melting all at the same time. And his family is WONDERFUL! He has a sister who is like, one of THE nicest people ever. And his mom! She is such a gem! His dad is sort of shy like he is, but he's still a great guy. and ARGHHHH I just, the more I think about him the more I'm imagining my life with him and how fun, and simple it would be. At this point, that's exactly what I'm looking for. I don't need to complicate things, I just want to spend all the time I can with him, and just, be with him.

But I have to wait.

I mean, he's a senior, so this is his last year being on my dad's team. So as soon as this season is over, there shouldn't be a problem with me dating him right? The only problem is he's like, a REALLY GOOD wrestler, so I'm sure he's going to state.. and that means I have to wait even LONGER! Arghhh. But oh well, I mean, if anyone's worth waiting for, its definitely him.(:

Threesome? Part 1

On Tynan

Hello. If you're my mom, please don't read this. My mom once decided to venture out onto this site and randomly chose an article called I'm Pregnant to read. That happened to be the only non-mom-friendly post. This is another one, so I'm giving you fair warning, mom.

Once up on a time in a land not too far away I had a lady friend who was also into the ladies. We'll call her Simone. We were watching a lot of "Girls Next Door", the show about the Playboy Mansion, and we decided that it would be pretty awesome to have a three way relationship. So our quest began. We went out to clubs a couple times but had a lot of trouble finding a girl we both liked. We'd talk about finding another girl from time to time, but didn't make much progress.

Then one day she meets a girl named Ariel. She's an adorably cute half Asian girl with a knack for saying hilarious inappropriate things. For example, she went through an entire Teen Vogue and shared with us her guesses on the condition of various celebrities' "downstairs situations". Descriptions ranged from pristine with rainbows shooting out to looking like rotten pumpkins (Beyonce).

Simone and Ariel started dating and spending a lot of time together.

"So... do you think she'll be the third girl?"

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