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American Government's Hypocritical Comments on Russia's Ukrainian Actions

What I'm wondering is does the average American see the hypocrisy in our government's protest of Mr. Putin's recent encroachment upon Ukrainian affairs or do they actually not realize it. In other words, is Joe Six Pack cognizant of America's similarly tenuous invasions of Iraq, Iraq the Sequel, Grenada, Somalia, etc. or does he actually not know or not remember they happened. We won't even mention our forefather's invasion and annexation of the New World and Manifest Destiny.

Its probably a combination of both but I have a feeling many actually don't see the irony. This type of myopia is scary myopia and the way the past is so easily forgotten is also scary as well as sad. But I guess that's what seeing the world through the lens of tribalism does.

Of course, Europe and America has to condemn Putin's actions to contain him (what else are they going to say), but the shriller they protest the more glaring the hypocrisy, to me at least.

I think it would be interesting the next time the US invades a country for the American media to give front and center attention to sanctimonious condemnations issued by the other world powers. Just for fun.

Why I Don't Take Medicine

On Tynan

Why I Don't Take Medicine

I'm aware that admitting / proclaiming that I don't take medicine sets me up to be bucketed in with the nutty religious people who handle snakes and let their kids die on rare occasions before allowing them to go to the hospital.

That's not me.

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