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Beginner's Parkour Workshop in Rochester, NY - March 28th

On Jumping on Entrepreneurship

Rochester Parkour is planning our second Beginner’s Parkour workshop. This is a free introduction, designed to inform and educate anyone interested in practicing Parkour. It’s targeted towards beginners, but we encourage more experienced members of the community to come as well.

We will be covering the basics of Parkour, including an introduction to proper conditioning, landings and precision jumps, quadrupedal movement, and basic vaulting. Rochester Parkour also emphasizes an importance on safety and slow, progressive training methodologies in all of our events and training sessions.

We encourage anyone interested in Parkour to attend. Whether it’s your first time out, or you’re already an experienced traceur, you’re sure to learn something - or at least have a good time!

Who can come: Anyone! Males or females of any age. Parents feel free to bring your kids. Kids, feel free to bring your parents!

Who is hosting: The event is being run by Zachary Cohn, one of the most experienced traceurs in the state. He is a member of the APK Alliance, a national group sponsored by American Parkour. He will be assisted by Charles Moreland and Jeff Whalley, two experienced and dedicated traceurs.

Our Faith, Material-Love N Clueless Wazee’s

On The Still Small Voice

“How good something is should never be determined by its cost, designer, origin, or its perceived value by others.” ― Ashly Lorenzana

Dear Gerri Global Member,

So, last night while enjoying the moonlight, I had a brief meeting with myself. The meeting was about an epiphany I’d encountered a few minutes earlier that touched on faith.

Faith I now saw, was something we only held in mysticism, mostly associating it with religion. And from this association, we distorted all of its other meanings. In my solo meeting, I realized that every seemingly impossible feat that has ever been achieved by any human owed its success or completion to faith/confidence.

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