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Putting the needle to the fabric


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The tools

When it comes to sewing machines; I'm not so great. So I'll try to keep this in the spirit of 'bespoke tailoring' as best as I can while not really knowing what the hell I'm doing.

For most sewing projects I undertake I like to do as much by hand as possible, so I'll list some of the tools I generally use

I have about 600 quilting pins in a bobbin case that end up getting used for just about every project I have ever taken on. I recommend the quilting pins that are about 2'' long since they are much easier to see and seem to get you a bit further than the 1'' pins. It's doubtful I still have 600, but I did buy a box with that many in it in the past few months. These things will unfortunately leave the box and end up everywhere when you sew somehow. Note to self: Get a pin cushion!

I like to use longer needles as well. The needles I use might be some sort of heavier quilters needle? Unfortunately I'm not quite sure of this as of this moment.

I'd like to get a thimble, but generally I just use smaller pieces of leather scraps from old projects since they seem to do the job well enough.

The 2010 Travel Gear Post

On Tynan

Now it's time for the one post that everyone's been waiting for. The 2010 Gear Post.

For a quick background: my method is to have very few items, all of which are as small as possible and as awesome as possible. The goal is to have a tiny bag but be prepared for absolutely everything. This year I've gotten closer to that ideal than ever before. You can see my 2009 packing list here to compare.

The Bag: Ortlieb Flight 22

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