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Noone said jump!: Diary of an Unlikely Fleet Commander part1

"BOMB INCOMING!" she screamed as she jolted awake. "Wait, calm down girl, its just another flashback."

Motoko stepped out of the clone vat and waved at the operators as she headed for the door. An automated shuttle would be waiting to take her to her private quarters.

"Damn that bomber," she muttered briefly, remembering the battle when an overzealous friendly slung a bomb at a Rooks and Kings fleet. Motoko had been in her Firetail trying to spread points. The resulting explosion had hit so close that it destroyed her ship and pod in one go.

"Well time to go home and reship."

Motoko started fiddling on the holoscreen ordering a ship and new modules for her planned return to the Wormhole, she had received intel that there was an opening linking deep behind the borders of Solar Empire space in their renter territory and had planned to hunt miners not paying attention to their scanner.

A Star Wars Story: The Great Feud

On Poems of the Bird

A Star Wars Story

The Great Feud

Chapter I

“Hi, my name is Luke Skywalker and I have a pretty messed up family. My mom is dead and as for my father………………………………....uh, let’s change the subject! I have two droids, R-2D2 and C-3PO. I also know these really weird people; Han Solo, owner of the Millennium Falcon, and Leia, a stuck up princess. I pity anyone who’s related to her! Anyway, back to my story.

One day, when I came back to the Rebellion headquarters after having fought many a perilous battle against the empire, Leia called me to ‘Come and have a cup of hot chocolate dear!’. (Hot chocolate? What was I thinking? Leia can’t even make a decent cup of java juice and slice of toast without sending the whole kitchen up in flames!) I was a SLIGHTLY suspicious but having fought all day I was tired and needing some caffeine I obliged and followed her into her dining hall. Leia set the cup of hot chocolate down on the table. ‘So my dear,’ she began, ‘how did your day go? Did you recover the stolen plans?’ Nodding and shaking my head was all that I could answer to her numerous questions for my mouth was full of hot chocolate. Suddenly everything went black!

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