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315 Vol. 1

Dedicated to: Loyalanon, The Conference Elite and the Savior of Highsec James 315

Special thanks to: Princess Suicide

“Hey Jeff! Pass me another beer will ya? All this rock chewing is making me thirsty”, Carl said. Jeff looked over to his Captain Carl, “Sorry sir the reserves have run dry, we’ve been mining for ages and I can’t even remember our last break.” The two pilots had recently saved up enough money to purchase one of ORE’s newest exhumer class vessels, “The Hulk”. It was said that this new ship was to have a mining yield not thought possible for a single craft. So Jeff and Carl sprung at the chance to get their hands on one the moment it was put up in a nearby market. They had to pay top dollar but in their eyes it was worth every last ISK spent. These days, all of the trade routes to Jita 4-4 we’re filled to the brim with pirates and other low life scum, so travel was very difficult for the non-wealthy but now they were going to be rich; it was going to be nothing but champagne and exotic dancers from here on out.

“Orca Command is saying that they keep getting weird readings on D-Scan”, Jeff said, pulling his headset off one ear. Carl looked over to Jeff, “It’s probably just more salvaging ships looking for scraps. They’re all over the place out here. Command is always a little dodgy during these ops because the CEO always jumps down their throats when he catches them asleep at the helm. Anyways, it’s High-Sec in a 0.7 no less, what is there to worry about?” Jeff thought for a moment, “Yeah… you’re right. I’ll go check down below for some more brew. Be back in a few.”

With Jeff exiting the bridge, Carl looked back to his control panel. The screen which showed his Strip Miners’ productivity beeped, announcing another cycle had completed. He glanced over to the Cargo Hold menu and touched the “Ore Bay” section. The bay was almost full; he’d have to jettison it for Orca to pick up soon. His new Hulk was definitely king in yield but man it was bothersome to have to keep watching the ore bay. In their last mining ship, Carl and Jeff would just turn on the Strip Miners and search the web but it would all be worth it because this ship was going to put them on the map. Carl leaned back and glanced out the port side view pane. Space was magnificent, endless and just chock full of possibilities. He stared out past the many mining ships of the rest of his fleet. Gazing at the suns of distant systems he’d always dreamt of traveling to, Carl could appreciate the beauty that the stars emanated but he couldn’t help but feel regret for not being more aggressive in life. He’d just figured he was only cut out to mine. It was an easy living, a safe one and well at the moment it was what he was good at. Besides he still had corp loans to pay off. So what other choice did he have? He closed his eyes and imagined the highly sophisticated life of the Amarr Socialites and how soon he would join them at their fancy parties. Now, it was only a matter of time.

A Star Wars Story: The Great Feud

On Poems of the Bird

A Star Wars Story

The Great Feud

Chapter I

“Hi, my name is Luke Skywalker and I have a pretty messed up family. My mom is dead and as for my father………………………………....uh, let’s change the subject! I have two droids, R-2D2 and C-3PO. I also know these really weird people; Han Solo, owner of the Millennium Falcon, and Leia, a stuck up princess. I pity anyone who’s related to her! Anyway, back to my story.

One day, when I came back to the Rebellion headquarters after having fought many a perilous battle against the empire, Leia called me to ‘Come and have a cup of hot chocolate dear!’. (Hot chocolate? What was I thinking? Leia can’t even make a decent cup of java juice and slice of toast without sending the whole kitchen up in flames!) I was a SLIGHTLY suspicious but having fought all day I was tired and needing some caffeine I obliged and followed her into her dining hall. Leia set the cup of hot chocolate down on the table. ‘So my dear,’ she began, ‘how did your day go? Did you recover the stolen plans?’ Nodding and shaking my head was all that I could answer to her numerous questions for my mouth was full of hot chocolate. Suddenly everything went black!

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