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EVE Online: Haven of Backstabbers, Thieves, Sociopaths

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To many gamers, EVE Online is simply known as the place where amazing heists and acts of deceit happen. To capsuleers, EVE is the place they met many of their best friends, and many people they would trust with everything. Many games have sought to replicate EVE and put their own spin on things, and many have fallen far short, in favor of simpler design concepts. Star Citizen is the next in line to strive for the seat of EVE 2.0, but there are many signs it will falter.

During a recent perusing of Star Citizen’s forums, I stumbled upon a thread discussing the potential for in-game deception and piracy. Many suggest the only acceptable forms of piracy should be finding people in space and blowing them up. This would then be met with in-game security status drops and potentially getting locked out of UEE space (think Empire). All other piracy should be met by out-of-game measures like bans and suspensions.

Others think that infiltration, team killing, and social engineering should also be allowed, so long as illegal out-of-game methods aren’t used, and are entirely accepting of in-lore punishments being used. The first group completely hate this idea. The first group is also wrong.

For one, Star Citizen will apparently not have any loot drop from destroyed ships. This, combined with lifetime insurance, essentially makes the “profession” of piracy entirely meaningless. They want pirates, just not pirates that matter. Pirates with nerf guns.

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