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The Sandbox and You: The New Player Experience

On Pod Born

"It's amazing to see what kind of stuff people come up [with] if you give them an empty book titled 'New Eden' and tell them to write something into it." - NightlinerSGS

EVE has a pretty low player retention. It seems very few players make it past the first few months, but for many, once that hurdle is made, EVE becomes an experience that never ends. Obviously veterans tend to see this, and we often attribute it to the Sandbox.

Image courtesy of ElliotJ777

But what is the Sandbox to a new player?

Dutch-Iranian prank call to NSA [Video]

On Saud

Since the government is already well into the habit of collecting every piece of data collected on every living/breathing/deceased individual, Dutch-Iranian filmmaker Bahram Sadeghi decided to prank call the NSA pretending he’d lost an e-mail and asking if they could retrieve it for him, particularly seeing as he’s originally from Iran and travels frequently, this does sound like a bad idea, doesn't it? Here is his response:

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