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Some New Eden for Me (Part 1)

On Pod Born

This is a story all about how my li- wait....

Introduce me. I have tried this game before, twice to be precise. I have blasted through the 14 day trial, and I just fell in love with this game. Because of "reasons", I can't ever seem to pay for the game, which is why I do the trial, let it expire, and come back a few months later when I have the need to play again.

Until recently, I had no idea that you could pay for the game with ISK. After asking around in rookie help on the last few days of my 14 day trial, I was sent a chat invite by another rookie. As it turns out, this "rookie" was no rookie at all! He has several accounts, and was starting up yet another one.

I asked if he paid for all of his accounts with dollars, and he said that the game paid for them. We talked a lot about ways for a trial to make enough money to plex himself to glory.

Forward a few days. I convinced 2 of my friends to come and try the game with me. I got in touch with this veteran player, and he was kind enough to extend 3 extended trials. We chose to go with Gallente, because they seem to be very versatile for starting toons, not to mention the idea of Drones sounds awesome. After we got or characters, I contacted him yet again. The first thing he told us to do was to finish the Military and Advanced Military Tutorials, and follow with the exploration tutorial. Then, he told us to make a corporation, and set it to 0% tax, that way, all of the ISK we generate remains in our wallets. We were warned about “awoxers” and told to be careful if we decided to recruit, but I think we are not going to go with that route for now.

The Houston Rockets and Moneyball

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I support the Rockets: I grew up in Houston and have been a part of all their ups (which are relatively few) and downs. The Rockets always are commended for their GM, Daryl Morey, one of the first to popularize the "Moneyball" strategy in basketball. Don't get me wrong, I love him and the Rockets. However, I wonder if he deserves all the praise he gets based on outcomes. I feel like we haven't improved much, but I want to now prove it to myself.

There are numerous ways to define success from a "Moneyball" strategy, but I'll define it in one way: the cost per win reduces. The only cost taken into account will be the overall salary of the Rockets. Based on whether the cost per win reduces or increases, we should be able to know how successful Morey is.

Daryl Morey started in the 2007 season, so I included the season before him. By this data alone, one can see that the cost per win has increased (by roughly 38.0%) since he has taken over. However, we must take something else into account: the average increase of salary for all teams. In essence, we must find the "inflation rate" of salaries.

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