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One against Five? My kind of odds.

It's 03:00 Eve time. All's quiet in Auner until a gang of Black Watch Syndicate frigates barge into the system, with their muffled rap music playing and unnecessary chrome spinny bits on their thrusters. An executioner, two tormentors, and a punisher. The latter three go loiter at the local novice outpost, and the executioner hangs out around the small. I warp in with a Talwar in hopes that they might pick a fight that I can win.

Twigsta > come play, frigates. :)

They do not. The executioner runs away. A short while later, the two tormentors and punisher have moved on to a medium, likely with the intent of spray painting the beacon with their tag. Not on my watch. I break out the Caracal and send it flying through the gate. They've all fled in such a hurry that one of the tormentors has left its drones behind. Two Hobgoblin IIs lie abandoned in space. A paltry prize for my patience.

Twigsta > awww, no 4v1?Twigsta > you even forgot your drones!Twigsta > <loc><url>Hobgoblin II</url>Stalkerish > was kind of hoping to get those backTwigsta > hmm. Perhaps if you paid me to leave you folks alone. :)Stalkerish > well thats no fun...Reginald Sakakibara > thanks for leaving the small xDTwigsta > np. xDTwigsta > can't be everywhere, sadly!Twigsta > Tell you what! I'll leave the drones here in a can. You can try to take them if you want.Stalkerish > how about if you promise to give me 5 mil if i get them</loc>

No. No that won't do. Sure, I could twist the rules to my benefit and do some trickery, but my heart isn't into it today. I slink back to Thukker, two Hobgoblin IIs richer, and browse youtube. A few videos later, I check local again. A new message pops up! We proceeded to discuss tissue paper.

Python for Data mining and Analytics

On The Learning Curve

Python is probably one of the easiest language to learn and with the strong adoption rate from the programming community, I think it is worth it to invest time in learning python.

My journey with python started with a course of Artificial Intelligence and then due to a search engine development course that used python. But I haven't used Python for about 2 years now.

Now a days, I am more interested in doing Data mining and analytics with Python. So here is the first lesson:

(More on this later)

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