Plucking Sunrays


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Clinging to the Wreckage - Waiting for Goodbye

It's unsettling watching a sinking ship from the shoreline. You feel a sense of morning for the people aboard, but the emotion is detached and distant from your heart. It doesn't consume you or weigh heavily, it just clings.

A friend of mine recently found herself on a sinking ship. A sinking relation-ship. And I watched from a distance as she clutched at the floating shards of hope.

Let's call her Catherine and him Jamie.

Catherine's boyfriend moved halfway across the country last autumn, but their relationship was precious enough to be tested in the dark waters of long distance. They had been inseparable before his departure and seemed to be the epitome of the perfect relationship: always clinging to each other, always smiling, always sharing tender looks of endearment. Hidden beneath these outward displays of affection was a stagnant relationship full of tension and broken communication. None of us had any idea.

The first few weeks boded well for the two of them. Catherine was filled with hope and gushed to me that the distance might be the best thing for them. She claimed she could focus on her final year of school and really hone in on herself and her future while he started his. They talked every night and texted every day, but - like it always does - the honeymoon phase came to a screeching halt. He "got really busy" with work and "couldn't manage" to send her a quick text until he went to bed at 4 AM, by which time she was asleep and couldn't reply until the morning. Their relationship wasn't just in limbo; it was non-existent.



Yes she tells everyone that she’s happy, but I don’t see the same sparks in her eyes the way she did before.

And so I’m back blogging love again. You can’t blame me, I’m a believer of love. But this time, it’s not about me. It’s about someone everybody knows, but never really did know. She’s an actress. Since her name is not important here, no need to mention it anyway. Love changes people, like pain does.

I know her ever since I was a child, and she’s an actress back then—a teen star. But since the day she had a boyfriend, everybody thinks she’s malandi (in everyone’s term) for she is way too young according to ‘norms’. Psh. (Screw norms) So years have passed, she managed posing to men’s magazine, had her heart broken, had a new career and so on and so forth.

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