Plucking Sunrays


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Art Kicks Ass!

Why is real estate in the world of math and science appraised at a higher value than in the world of art?

Whenever I tell someone I'm pursuing a degree in Radio, Television and Film and plan to become a big shot director I get the same reaction: a sharp little intake of breath, sad pitiful eyes, and the question "ooh honey is that something you'll really be able to support yourself with?". Or worse, the flat out statement "that's not a real career."

This reaction isn't confined to the realm of film. No! It's seemingly the universal reaction given to anyone wishing to become an artist! But why is that? Why can't art be given the credit it deserves? There seems to be a stigma that engineering is more difficult than painting. Yes I will admit engineering takes brains, logic, ingenuity, and you have to fight the numbers. But with painting you have to grasp an idea, tame it, nurture it, try to capture it on your easel and then - after all that - grapple with yourself and the inner voice that barks ceaselessly. The voice telling you it's not good, there's no use, you're a failure. Inner strife is the toughest part of any creative endeavor. It takes courage to overcome. There's no courage in science, there's only reassurance that there's an answer waiting at the end of your efforts. An answer that will give you a definite yes or no, black or white. There is room for failure, but there is little room for the gray area of self-doubt.

Science may have made life easier to endure and understand, but art is what makes life worth living. Science rarely moves anyone. It moves people physically from place to place at greater velocities, but it takes something astronomical to touch people. Art on the other hand sweeps people off their feet, sends them reeling, makes them think. The simplest, smallest piece of art can inspire a generation. It doesn't have to be masterfully crafted, but it has to be poignant.

And people know this! They attest to it every day! They marvel at science and fall in love with art. But then they go behind this lover's back and say it isn't a noble pursuit. They say it isn't worthwhile. They say money and stability are logical and therefore more valuable than passion.


On A Germinating Seed

The following post, I started 2 weeks ago, and I just finished it up:

Written during spring break:One day, I want to travel the world. I want to experience the things that life has to offer me.

Why am I saying this? Well, because my spring break is about to end, and I really can't say that I did anything...

And well, my friends are living life. Instagram proves it :P One of my friends went to Hawaii with her friends. Another is eating at different restaurants and exploring the Bay. One of my friends said that she couldn't Skype me because she was hungover and needed to recover. My cousin and her family took a cruise to Mexico and was able to swim with the dolphins. And another one of my friends is in Prague right now. Yes, Prague, Czech Republic (and her Instagram photos are soooo beautiful!).

And if I sound a little jealous right now, I kind of am. Not that I want to take away any of these experiences away from any of these people, but I want to have fun adventures of my own.

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