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After a long red-eye flight, I've finally arrived in Sweden. My Dad met me at the airport with a hug and carried one of my two backpacks out to his car. We caught up for a couple hours before arriving at Annika's mom's house. My step-Grandma, Diana, made us a delicious lunch, a Swedish take on Lasagna, and some coffee and apple cake for dessert. After eating and relaxing in Gavle for an hour we continued on the last leg to Dad's farm to the North.

It's so beautiful up here. The community they live in has a population of a few-hundred. It is the most forested county in Sweden, but this valley is dotted with farmland as well. Annika, Noah, and my Dad all live in a two story farmhouse, although the second story is as yet unfinished. I'm staying in a cozy little room in the barn. (I say little, but in reality it's about three times the size of my room in Brooklyn.) I'm constantly blown away by the space and the quiet up here. There is a road in front of our house that cars drive down occasionally, but besides that the only sounds are birds and the gentle splash of rain on the patio's. Compared to Brooklyn I might as well be deaf.

When I arrived I got a tour of the house and barn from my family, before eating ice-cream in the sun. After we'd finished up with our treats, Noah gave me a tour of the woods on their property. There is a beautiful stream and beaver damn. We looked for some fish but couldn't find any. Noah and I chowed down some edible plants that he told me the Swedish names for and I promptly forgot.

We grilled out for dinner, eating steaks, veggies, and chips. I pretty much just passed out after eating. We got my room set up, and I was out. Today I'll start helping out on the farm. Finishing the second floor of the farmhouse, weeding, and painting the barn are some of the tasks I'll be working on over the next couple months.

The Excitement of a 7-Year-Old Creating Her Own Youtube Channel

On Unschoolery

By Leo Babauta

Two nights ago, I came home and my 7-year-old daughter Noelle could barely contain her excitement.

"Daddy, mommy said she'd help me start my own Youtube channel tomorrow!"

She was practically jumping up and down.

It made my heart leap, to see this kind of excitement in her. This is exactly what you want to see as an unschooling parent -- when your kid is excited about something, you encourage it. You cherish it. You do what you can to let it bloom.

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