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the beginning

Since I was lucky enough to be one of the first 50 registered users here on Sett I should give it a try and finally start my own blog. 

The idea of blogging is not really new for me, I already had my own blogspot-blog, my own tumblr and of course my own wordpress-blog ... but somehow I never really wrote more then 1 or 2 posts - I hope this time it'll be different!

This blog is supposed to be about:

Welcome to My New Blog

On No Status Quo

Hi everyone and welcome to my new blog! As this is one of my first posts here I'd like to introduce myself and explain why I've called this blog No Status Quo.

My name is Emil and I'm a 21-year old student from Latvia. I've spent the last three years of my life studying in the United States and the Netherlands. I'm studying economics, psychology and mathematics. A strange combination, I know. I'm currently in my last semester, and I'm really looking forward to graduation.

Why? Well, I have some great plans after finishing college. But first let me start by explaining what I don't want to be doing after I graduate.

I no longer want to study at a university because all the world's knowledge is freely available on the Internet. If the world's greatest universities offer their lectures for free, why would I waste my time and money studying at an average institution? Sure, I might not get any credentials for what I learn online, but I want to live a life in which I'm rewarded for knowledge and hard work, not formal credentials.

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