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Vietnamese Food

The viet food trend seems to be catching on here as I can see NamNam at Dhoby Ghaut with many diners at each table each time i passed by.

Also happened to chance upon another great restaurant Wrap & Roll at Ion Orchard that allows you to wrap your own prawn rice skin wrapping dish... ( forgot the name ). The first time I see a restaurant that allows you to wrap it on your own, pretty cool i must say and the pork is delicious !

You just have to try it and I usually dislike the leafy taste in this prawn rice roll but theirs is pretty all right not too strong.

I believe the grilled pork rice should be pretty decent as well and will go try it the next time i visit the place. They also have a branch at Star Vista at Buona Vista so go try if you are nearby.

Days Twenty-Eight and Twenty-Nine


Two untracked days.

Day 28 was a "running around" day with errands and nothing so much going great. The day kicked off with running around and errands, and had some decent stuff mixed in, but never really got greatly off the ground.

Day 29 started solid for 2 hours, got off-track for a few hours, and then went fantastic from 4PM to midnight. I credit that with working from a list of most important campaigns, with a hard start time. Also experimenting with using timers to give, for example, only 5 to 15 minutes to a tangent in the middle of an important project.

Days are kind of a blur lately -- I need to slow things down a bit, get away from the running around, and get into some long good work sessions on top things early in the day.

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