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Vietnamese Food

The viet food trend seems to be catching on here as I can see NamNam at Dhoby Ghaut with many diners at each table each time i passed by.

Also happened to chance upon another great restaurant Wrap & Roll at Ion Orchard that allows you to wrap your own prawn rice skin wrapping dish... ( forgot the name ). The first time I see a restaurant that allows you to wrap it on your own, pretty cool i must say and the pork is delicious !

You just have to try it and I usually dislike the leafy taste in this prawn rice roll but theirs is pretty all right not too strong.

I believe the grilled pork rice should be pretty decent as well and will go try it the next time i visit the place. They also have a branch at Star Vista at Buona Vista so go try if you are nearby.

How to have a fight when you're wrong

On Purple Music

Fights are defining points in any relationship. Having a fight with a loved one is inevitable,... even if you're usually so in-sync, there will come a day when you will be in a bad mood, or you'll be too tired, or just down-right illogical... you will cause a problem, and someone will get pissed.

It is very important to know how to deal with a situation like this one. In order to know how to deal with the fight, it is important to keep in mind what the end-product of any argument is. There are 4 possible options:

1) You win the argument, but you lose the person

2) You lose the argument, but win the person over

3) You win the argument, and win the person over

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