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Time to Train for IPPT

Its that time of the year, closing months to the day I need to pass IPPT. With little time to train, I hope to be able to pass my running after being under the weather for the past weeks. No more excuses !

Pull up training every 2 days

Running - Alternate day

D-Day - 4 Jan 2014

Reading Your Financial Statement

On The Tasteless Manta ray

The most important financial statement is your own; what you earn and what you spend.

So how much do you earn? And how much do you spend?

Creating and keeping up-to-date your financial statement is your first step to financial freedom because it gives you a baseline for where you are financially as of right now. It tells you where you are now so you know what to do from there.

It gives you insight to the things you’re doing well and the things that need some improving.

Don’t be too harsh :/ Just promise yourself one thing before you create your financial statement, don’t judge yourself. Everyone starts somewhere, but what makes you different between you and your poor friends is that you’ve started. Michael Jordan wasn’t born a basketball legend, so don’t be harsh on yourself if you’re not a financial guru.

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