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HOLD UP. Forget first Indian American Miss America—is Nina Davuluri the first Geek American Miss America? #togowherenobeautyqueenhasgonebefore

Miss America, Nina Davuluri. Just chillin' at home.

According to one of our fave sites, The Aerogram, newly crowned Miss America Nina Davuluri said in her official video bio that she's kind of a nerd: "I love Star Wars, Star Trek and anything sci-fi!” Admit it, y'all just fell in love again.

And if for some reason she can't perform her duties, her role would be filled by Crystal Lee, Miss California (and before that, Miss Silicon Valley, no kidding) — an intern at DropBox whose platform was women in STEM and whose Twitter feed features lots of hot Pebble smartwatch ogling.

We have arrived, my nerd people: Today, beauty is the geek.

Gordon Recommends: Lars and the Real Girl

On Where Pianos Roam

Film:  Lars and the Real GirlDirector:  Craig Gillespie Starring:  Ryan Gosling, Patricia Clarkson, Emily Mortimer, Paul Schneider, Kelli Garner Rottentomatoe Rating: 81% Offiicial Trailer: [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I1XxILVnt1w] I first heard of this movie last year through a magazine I was leafing through.  There was a very brief synopsis of the story, and I was instantly intrigued.  The premise is very unusual, and this just caught my attention.  I generally have a liking towards all things unusual. Fast forward to SEVERAL months later, and I finally got to see the film while I was in Seattle last month visiting friends.  I've actually been looking for it everywhere ever since I heard that it's DVD release had already happened, but strangely enough, this film has been very hard to find.  I was finally able to rent it from a Blockbuster Video of all places. You can say that this story is about a guy who, more or less, starts dating a life-sized, anatomically correct sex doll that he ordered from the internet.  To limit this films scope to this small description would be doing it a massive disservice. I thought that this film was incredibly and beautifully done.    It is a quiet and thoughtfully understated film that, even in such hushed tones, manages to be quite articulate. With a small, cold, wintry, and desolate midwest town as its backdrop, it is surprisingly warm and funny (even with some very sad moments in the story).  This film documents the main character's deep desire for connection with others and his personal journey towards having what he needs. I hate reviews that give everything away, and so, I'll just say a few quick things. I love this movie.  Ryan Gosling is one of the best young actors doing work today.  He carries this film with a disarming grace and humility that is hugely endearing. In fact, this film has an ensemble cast that is just so adept at delivering the depth of feeling that this story conveys.   I got the sense that they all believed in this little movie and were completely invested in making it as rich and true as it could possibly be. I've said before that I love the kinds of films that don't try too hard to push an agenda or an idea.  This film does nothing more than tell a quiet, moving, and quirky little tale. Please see this film.  It cradles a sense of humanity in its arms.  Holding it gently and protectively in its delicate care. -g

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