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Congrats to Nina Davuluri, the first Desi Miss America and first Indian American Miss New York! Of course, the hatetweets have already begun.

Davuluri was one of THREE Asian Americans in the top five finalists, including 4th runner-up Miss MInnesota Rebecca Yeh (who won the Talent competition playing violin, I know, right?) and 1st runner-up Miss California, Crystal Lee.

Davuluri's question in the poise-test round was on "Big Brother" host Julie Chen's revelation of her decision to have plastic surgery. Her answer: She's against it. But in her answer she also managed to drop the following pointed remark: "I've always viewed Miss America as the girl next door. And Miss America is always evolving." As proven tonight.

Update: Barely did the tiara touch her lovely head than the racist ignoramuses began to tweet.

Macau Casino Dealers Walk Off Job in Continuing Labor Unrest

On On Empty Thoughts

At noon time of 1 Oct 2014, up to 300 dealers of led by the "Forefront of Macau Gaming" took sick leave collectively to demand higher wages and better benefits. The Forefront of Macau Gaming, headed by Leong Man Teng, is a labor union with members from six major casinos in Macau. "The vast majority of our team members have reported to work and are delivering their high level of service as usual," MGM China Holdings Ltd company said in a statement, the Voice of America reported.

As a forerunner in the legal casino business, Macau is a gambling hub for the Asian region. Mainland China constitute the 60% of the visitors. Gaming revenues account for nearly 90% of government revenues. From a fishing village Macau had transformed into the gambling capital of the world with 35 casinos and a population base of more than half a million living in an area of 31.3 km2. Macau is pushing to build eight new resorts in the next three years but will faces labor shortage problems due to the current rigid regulations that prohibit foreigners from working at gaming tables.

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