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Reuters cancels its hugely expensive and ambitious consumer-facing Journalism 2.0 launch "Reuters Next" after project lead decides to run for Canadian Parliament

Though, to be fair, Chrystia Freeland's departure was simply the last straw — with the real issue being the costs and lack of near-term revenue potential associated with the project, which was seen as doomed when new CEO Andrew Rashbass came on board.

From Dylan Byers of Politico's report:

The project was heralded by Nieman Lab, among other forward-thinking news insiders, as revolutionary, though its "river of news' format is not too dissimilar to a number of existing news platforms, including The Atlantic's successful Quartz (disclosure: I contribute to Quartz on occasion) and Yahoo's new home page.

Here's what Reuters Next looks like, based on the preview that's already live on the web.

Cheap Hotels

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Catch the trend, here?

I scored all of these amazing deals by doing one thing, and one thing only.

I traveled off season.

Traveling off season or during the low season, simply put, is the time of year when a destination gets the fewest visitors. As a result, amazing hotels are plentiful as they tend to offer the lowest prices to attract customers and fill rooms. Scheduling some of my travel during this season has been the easiest way for me to secure the best resorts, vacation packages and flight deals. People always say that the weather off-season in most places is horrendous (hot, cold or rainy), but often, it's quite the contrary. If you're ok with a day or so of possible shoddy weather, traveling when there aren't many other tourists around is an attractive option for many. During my stay at each of these locations, the weather didn't hint at anything out of the ordinary (with the exception of Bali). In fact, I couldn't have asked for better weather.

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