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Bolivian Catholic Witchdoctors

The CNN, 17 Sep 2014 reported about the parallel between Bolivian-witchdoctor and Catholics. The findings were taken from Raphaël Verona's new photography book. Verona is a Swiss photographer who lived among the traditional Aymara communities. The Aymara is an ancient indigenous race found in Bolivia, Peru and Chile. They live in the Altiplano plateau, the most extensive area of high plateau on Earth outside of Tibet. The plateau lies within Bolivian and Peruvian territory while its southern parts lie in Chile and Argentina. In this region people believe in magic.

Pachamama is their goddess of fertility. She presides over planting and harvesting and can cause earthquakes. She is typically depicted in the form of a dragon. She is an omnipresent and commands an independent deity who has creative power to sustain life on this earth. In their conversion conquest regime, the Spaniards tried to use the Virgin Mary as Pachamama's substitute but the concept did not go well with the Peruvian. Mary's role as an intercessor could never equate with the independent power of Pachamama. As a result the Virgin Mary is a separate deity on its own

Zero Tolerance on Pot

On Light and Easy Talk

It is hypocritical that nations who wants a casino would prohibit their citizens for using the services. This is the whimsical aspect of human nature. They would welcome the "bad stuff" as long as they are tremendous money churners but deny their people from consuming it. As the New York Times reported on 8 Sep 2014, "Even marijuana companies don’t want their employees stoned on the job".

Employers had maintained their zero tolerance policy for marijuana even though the state had legalized it for recreational or medical use. Brandon Coats was fired in 2010 for failing a random drug test, even though he carries a valid medical marijuana card. Coats had been paralyzed since a car crash at the age of 16, and smokes marijuana at night to relieve painful spasms.

One business council representing 3,500 companies in Colorado found that 71 percent kept their old drug-testing policies, and 21 percent actually made them more rigorous. "People were scared they were going to have a stoned work force," said a lawyer for the group, the Mountain States Employers Council.

Should the fear of a drunkard work force arise, these companies will prohibit their staff from consuming beer at home while watching a ball game or having a glass of wine with dinner. The National Football League is another double-faced employer. It generously dispenses prescription pain pills to its players and encourages beer drinking in the stands. It had the cheek to regularly suspends players — including Von Miller of the Broncos and two members of the Seattle Seahawks — for testing positive for marijuana.

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