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Super simple meditation: ‘Breath Hand Eye’

This is a simple meditative flow I teach in yoga class. It's both great to relax and to gently increase alertness, like when you're sleepy during longer meditation sessions. Also nice as a mini break away from the computer.

Observe the breath without controlling it. While letting the breath lead, watch your hand and sync your movements to the inhales and exhales.

Awareness of Cycles

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As you might be aware, we all have cycles of specific negative emotions that continue to come up in our lives.

Be aware that you have a need to feel the emotions. There is a part of you that feeds on these emotions, and will die if it cannot be fed.

When the negative emotion arises, be aware that you have a need to feel the emotion. The emotion is not caused by the thing that triggered it. Rather the trigger was the excuse or the catalyst that allowed you to feel the emotion that you are addicted to.

Your need to feel the emotion causes your reaction to the event to be disproportionate to the stimulus. This is what happens when people way over-react to small things. They are feeding the addiction to their own negative emotions.

With awareness you will be able to chose how to react to the stimulus. This way you can stop feeding the addiction by no longer over-reacting,

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