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Grab & Play

The starting point is a Linux core. But Om isn't exactly a new Linux distro. It's rather a Super Android for desktop computers.

When you want to install an application on your computer, if you choose an application that can be installed both on Windows and Linux, the "how to install" section is two lines long for Windows, and two pages long for Linux. Android is user-friendly about this : you go to the play store, the market, whatever, you choose an app, you click, and that's it. This is how Om should work.

As you probably know, Android applications are downloaded as *.apk files, which are simply renamed zip files, containing everything needed to install your brand new app. Here we follow the same concept.

Om applications are downloaded as *.oapp files, which are renamed zip files containing resources and source-code expressed in LLVM assembly language, LLVM-IR. Download the file, click it and you're done. Your app is already installed, no matter what hardware is behind. It's Grab & Play.

Name Droppings

On A Fixed Point

Colonel Sanders feels worthy enough to meet Alice Cooper (via)

This is particularly relevant to the entertainment industry, but can be applied to all fields.

It's amazing to me that even with all the proven ways to amplify their chances of success, most aspiring artists have no idea that there's a game being played around them that they can't see. Everything they do and say keeps them out of the big leagues.

The big one I screen for is when someone I just met feels the need to namedrop.

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