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What is this all about

First words are for the army of two behind SETT : congratulations guys, and thanks for this platform, the principle is clever, the interface is simple and neat. Long live SETT !!

So, this is the place where I'll post ideas (when they come) about what a good modern operating system should be, IMO. "Omos" stands for "Open Minded Operating system Specification". If an OS does born from this eventually, it would probably be named "Om".

"General Orders for Sentries" as perhaps the finest operations document of all time


I contend thusly:

"General Orders for Sentries" is one of the finest written processes of all-time.

You can read the orders here, if you like, for the various branches of the U.S. Armed Forces --


On the surface, it's a pretty simple thing, being a sentry. "Watch this area. Tell us if anything odd happens."

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