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The starting point is a Linux core. But Om isn't exactly a new Linux distro. It's rather a Super Android for desktop computers.

When you want to install an application on your computer, if you choose an application that can be installed both on Windows and Linux, the "how to install" section is two lines long for Windows, and two pages long for Linux. Android is user-friendly about this : you go to the play store, the market, whatever, you choose an app, you click, and that's it. This is how Om should work.

As you probably know, Android applications are downloaded as *.apk files, which are simply renamed zip files, containing everything needed to install your brand new app. Here we follow the same concept.

Om applications are downloaded as *.oapp files, which are renamed zip files containing resources and source-code expressed in LLVM assembly language, LLVM-IR. Download the file, click it and you're done. Your app is already installed, no matter what hardware is behind. It's Grab & Play.

Audio Production Tools for Linux

On Chris Scheidies


Just the thought of Linux conjures up many different variants of emotion. For some, there are thoughts of freedom; for others there are thoughts of horror as hours of lives have been lost trying to configure this beast. Does Linux have anything to offer the Pro Audio community? I hope to shed some light on this subject for you, as I do believe that Linux is a tremendous gift to the Pro Audio community and society as a whole.

I am not going to give you an entire history lesson about how Linus Torvalds created the first Linux kernel and so on. There are huge books and thousands of web sites on the subject. If you do want a history lesson I would suggest Wikipedia. I am going to discuss modern audio technologies, the Linux equivalents, different high end Linux audio programs, and different Linux flavors.

I’m involved in the 3D animation and compositing world, and in these markets Linux is the norm rather than the exception. So, if any of you do post- production work it may be beneficial to at least know what Linux is and be able to talk to your clients intelligently about it. We will also discuss the pros and cons of Linux since you need to know the good, the bad, and the ugly.A Linux Primer

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