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There's no spoon

There's no ontology. In a mind, there's no such thing as a state. This is the biggest mistake in history of AI research, IMO. The only thing in a mind is change. There exists only modification.

Chicken is a case of Bird, and Bird is a case of animal? No, this is not how it works. Things are memorized as sequences of events. If "What is a" and "Bird" appear together, then "Animal" appears. That's it.

A sequence of events contains a set of events, some of which are ordered, meaning that some of them must happen before some others.

Sequences are a way to act, like in a program, but they're also a way to feel and interpret.

If software is the mind of a computer, we could say that any typical operating system has a serious dissociative identity disorder, since some parts of it don't know what the other parts are doing. That's why there are security issues, viruses, ...etc. An OS usually runs a program without knowing what this program does.

Action (Poem)


A stillness A call No

A stillness A call No

A stillness A call No

A stillness A call No

A stillness A call Yes

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