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Wow I' m amazed. . .

what happens when I open this somewhat big mouth of mine! Last Tuesday, I had undergone a sleep study, where I'm monitored while sleeping. Initially, I get 'hooked up' to an EKG, EEG & other initialed tests with wires being attached to my head (my brown hair being a mild nuisance). As this was occurring I had the room's TV set on, I switched the station to our local PBS station (soooo love PBS!!!) where "American Masters" was about to begin. Very cool, I wondered to myself, who'll be featured. An author, by the name of J. D. Salinger--sadly, I never heard of him [I know, I know, I aiming to be a writer, yet, I don't of Salinger?? Shame on me!! Well. . .]. The technician who was attending these wires, stated that Salinger was a favorite of hers. It was mentioned on the program that Salinger wrote "The Catcher in the Rye". I did hear of the book, but never read it[how DID I graduate from high school without knowing the American literary classics, is truly unknown to me!!!]. I made a note to buy and read this book, and I stated this to the techie. We both watched the program until she was finished 'wiring me up'. The next morning, I left the facility, not thinking too much, but getting home.

Yesterday, I received an unexpected package. I recognized the address as being the sleep lab, but nothing more. So, opened the package, torn onto the lovely blue tissue paper, covered comical cartoon owl stickers, and found a 'library' of Salinger's works!!! The techie gal sent them!!! Just today, sent off a 'thank-you'card to her.

Scars. . .

On All About My Relationship with the Lord Jesus, and Life in General

The e-mail I got from Sharon Jaynes, today, got me seriously thinking. Another woman got me seriously thinking as well--Marilyn Williams, she had been featured on today's "Focus on the Family" broadcast on Family Life Radio. The scars I have gotten through the years, the obvious ones: the one on my right index finger, towards the rest of my hand where a glass tumbler shattered in my hand as I was washing it; the one down the middle of chest reminding me of the open-heart surgery I had, 26 years ago, this past March, to repair a birth defect. Then, those hidden ones, not physical scars, the emotional/ mental scars, that hurt to this day. Marilyn brought some of those up for me, with part 1 of her testimony. She endured many decades of incest, sexual abuse from many male family members. I had endured much less, but nevertheless, damaging abuse from, first a neighborhood boy, and later, a male cousin. A huge portion of my childhood I simply don't remember; that, maybe from other abuse--I don't know.

Here is the address of the Sharon's e-mail (I'm so sorry, the 'link' doesn't seem to function!!)

For "Focus on the Family"--

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