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On My Life and My Writing

when did you learn how to tell time? For me, I have always been, to some degree, in everything, a "late bloomer", meaning, I've either learned or experienced things late in life. I learned how to tell time, not in grade school, like most folks, though I only knew how to tell the hour & half hour (like 4:00 pm or 7:30 am, etc) then, but never quite those 'between' time-points. Not until Timex came with digital timepieces, that is!!! This was monumental to me! It wasn't until the '70's (?) when I could say to someone, with complete confidence, what time it was to the person.

Here is a poll, I'd like for folks, like you, yeah, you with the 5 children wanting their mom's attention, NOW {this thingie can wait--your wee ones are by far more important!!}. All others please, go ahead, & satisfy this nosy blogger's curiosity:

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To Achieve

On 0ZeeMG

The reason I'm beginning to blog is simple.

Stress, a common burden on most people, so I figured this could be a good way to cope. I'm hoping that this could possibly be my way out, my way to forget about life for a while and just write. Write about everything and anything that I want to and just let it all out! It's time for a change, so why not start now? I will be managing my life in a new way, turning it around for the better. Picking up my grades, and becoming a better person.

Im finally admitting to myself that in this past year I have lost a lot. Although I have gained and experienced much more than ever before, I realize that I am growing up, and need to start handling things on my own. Start being less careless with my money, and do better in school, and stop lying to everyone. It has gotten to the point where I believe my own lies sometimes, and I even lie about things that are unnecessary to lie about. It's an addiction that needs to be broken before it gets worse. Addictions, to lying, to cigarettes, to cutting class, they all need to stop, and now is the time to begin my life on the right track.

Blogging will become a part of me. It will help me be the person I want to become...

An achiever.

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