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Well. . .

I'm back from being away from WP.  I have been busy doing a whole lot of nothing!! I've done a bit work on my novel--I'm at day 12 of "90 Days. . .  This involves developing minor characters. For some reason I'm 'stuck' here! I do need to get going with this aspect of my novel, but it's overwhelming me. UGH!! One thing I did get done was the radio frequency ablation. The surgeon found 2 more arrhythmias besides the 1 he initially detected a few weeks ago. All is well with that.

Yikes! I'm blogging.

On PaizOnPoplar

What am I going to write about? What was I thinking. I wanted to reach out a bit and connect with a larger community, but now that I'm doing it, what am I going to write about?

Okay, we'll start easy and light. Books.

I love to read.

Maybe a good goal will be to write a book review on each book that I finish reading. Yeah, that's the ticket. Anybody else here writing book reviews?

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