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Wow I' m amazed. . .

what happens when I open this somewhat big mouth of mine! Last Tuesday, I had undergone a sleep study, where I'm monitored while sleeping. Initially, I get 'hooked up' to an EKG, EEG & other initialed tests with wires being attached to my head (my brown hair being a mild nuisance). As this was occurring I had the room's TV set on, I switched the station to our local PBS station (soooo love PBS!!!) where "American Masters" was about to begin. Very cool, I wondered to myself, who'll be featured. An author, by the name of J. D. Salinger--sadly, I never heard of him [I know, I know, I aiming to be a writer, yet, I don't of Salinger?? Shame on me!! Well. . .]. The technician who was attending these wires, stated that Salinger was a favorite of hers. It was mentioned on the program that Salinger wrote "The Catcher in the Rye". I did hear of the book, but never read it[how DID I graduate from high school without knowing the American literary classics, is truly unknown to me!!!]. I made a note to buy and read this book, and I stated this to the techie. We both watched the program until she was finished 'wiring me up'. The next morning, I left the facility, not thinking too much, but getting home.

Yesterday, I received an unexpected package. I recognized the address as being the sleep lab, but nothing more. So, opened the package, torn onto the lovely blue tissue paper, covered comical cartoon owl stickers, and found a 'library' of Salinger's works!!! The techie gal sent them!!! Just today, sent off a 'thank-you'card to her.

Teaching Elliot to pray...

On Family Minister Wannabe

I don't think that we have specifically taught him to ever pray, we just have always prayed before bed and all of our meals. It's been a challenge at times. Keeping him from eating during our prayers and from trying to talk to us as we talk to God can make for very distracted prayers. However, some time back, after a prayer at one of our meals, he said, "Mine do it." He wanted to say a prayer. He prayed, "Dear God, Amen!"

It was GREAT! I was awestruck!

Vicki and I never asked him to lead the prayer, he just knows that's what we do. We've always prayed at meals and held hands as we did so. After a while, he would sit down with us and reach out for our hands. Then, he would reach for our hands and bow his head while closing his eyes. Now, he does both and waits to see who is saying the prayer. Most of the time, we ask him to say it.

I think this is how God designed this to go. It's all so logical! We provided an example as parents for him to follow and, naturally, he did. I don't think this only applies to prayers at dinner and bedtime. I think this is true for all aspects of passing on our faith to our children.

We must purposefully live as an example to our kids!

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