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Those "Blues". . .

I've been attempting to get myself outta this freakin' lousy unproductive-to-my-story-writing 'funk' [I'm blaming it squarely on that MonSter, a.k.a. multiple sclerosis], since early this week. Beginning this evening, I will utilize Donna Levin's advice, from her book, "Get That Novel Started" & get some kind of writing done, that's not journaling!!

Catching myself in the act

On The Groke's Zen Habits

The end of a long day. Springtime sunset spills from behind roiling rainclouds... and as they draw their cover over the darkening sky, I finally finish the short novel I've been engrossed in since I returned from work. After such a long day, I felt very deserving of that short book - but it has sent me off in to a reverie that now draws me to other distractions.

This is a familiar scene. At the times when I have the most on my plate, I somehow slip into the most languid states. I'll spend hours reading or watching shows on my computer, getting engrossed in stories that distract me from the story I'm living right here, right now. Though getting lost in stories is a favorite pastime for me, I can no longer let it feed my procrastination habit.

Five minutes ago, just when I was about to open my computer to keep distracting myself, I suddenly remembered - I haven't done my ten minutes today. I've thought of it often during the day, and felt positive about it - but I haven't done it yet.

Now is the time.

This is the first time in ages that I've caught myself in the act and followed through with my better instinct - this is one of the hardest things I struggle with. When I'm in that moment of torment and struggle, I always give in to the temptation of distraction. But this time, I'm changing the pattern. Wish me luck. I'm setting my alarm for ten minutes now...

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