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The Lord is good!!

Well, I'm truly back. I have been away because of inconsistent visits to my public library where I had the only access to the 'Net. Now, I been given an Android tablet as an early Christmas present from a friend I barely know--I am still thanking my Lord Jesus every day I have this tool!!! And I still have my Minolta. X-700 camera, though the photos I've shot & had developed are nothing spectacular, just getting back "in the saddle" of shooting. Also, I have really been writing. None of this done consistently due to m.s.-related fatigue. Most days, I'm grateful to be able to open my eyelids!!!

Internal Scorecard #7: Long-Term Trajectories and Habit Installations



This is the seventh internal scorecard I've posted. I put these up as a way for you to see what production and productivity actually look like (with the up's and down's, and so on), and as a measure for myself of what's happening and what's to come.

This covers 30 June to 6 July.


"Goals are the things that you really want to achieve, while desires are things you want that can prevent you from reaching your goals—as I previously explained, desires are typically first-order consequences. For example, a goal might be physical fitness, while a desire is the urge to eat good-tasting, unhealthy food (i.e., a first-order consequence) that could undermine you obtaining your fitness goal. So, in terms of the consequences they produce, goals are good and desires are bad." -- Ray Dalio, Principles, p27

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