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God is good . . .

Get ready, folks, what I'm about to write of is potentially mind-blowing!!!  

This past Tuesday, I had left my apartment with my bag that contained my 'old-school' journal & my 'droid tablet. I was going to pick up photos, & then, maybe, head to  the library to get some research begun on one of my stories.  After getting my 'pics', I chose to  go home 'cuz after traveling about on my city's crosswalks & sidewalks I had gotten very tired 'cuz  of pushing across  wide cracks in the pavement, as well as negotiating gravel.  After getting inside, I unpacked my purse, then reached with my arm for my bag . . .it wasn't there!!  Silly me! I even checked with my other arm, thinking that would produce a different outcome! No, of course not! O.k., so, I told a deep breath, still panicking, thinking what could have happened to it--I pictured it getting rolled over by an 18-wheeler, or worse, many of 'em!!!!  Then, I realized I needed to 'get my act together' & think what to do 1st.  Since it had gotten chillier since I rolled into my apartment, I changed warmer clothes grabbed my purse & toke off to retrace my wheelrolls.  


On Farah Husain

Every day I get up and write 10 gratitudes before I start my day to say what I am thankful to God for. Today I'll do it on my blog.

Dear Father

thank you for another beautiful day. Thank you for

1. getting me in touch with all my old friends via social networks

2. All my online accounts that are helping me improve my writing

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