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A Better Day!!

The only things I got accomplished were to input the rough outline of my first story, and begin its prologue--I chose not have a 1st chapter per se, rather a current time setting. Its actual 1st chapter will be the story's beginning, of course.

This story is loosely based on how & why my mom "lost" her first child, my 1/2 sister. I'm fictionizing quite alot of this, since my mom is no longer around to tell the details, I only know for certain that Becky [my 1/2 sister] had been taken away from my mom. The rest of my version of the story is pure, plausible fiction.

I'm still unsure of how much to reveal in this, my blog.

Too Busy to Post Right Now

On Tynan

Sorry... I was really trying to do it every day. I had a good story for today, but I don't have the time to do it justice, so I'm going to delay it. Some quick points of interest :

I may be getting a "real" job. Not the kind of job boring peons get, but a really interesting one. We still have to work out the details, so I'll write more if it happens.

I got pulled over today for not putting my headlights on. Oops. I didn' thave my insurance card, so I got a ticket for that. It was actually expired, but they gave me a new policy card anyway for some reason, so I can mail that in and get out of the ticket. The best part? My car is super illegal at the moment. My registration and inspection are not only expired but not in my name. I never bothered to switch it over because I like my cali plates. This is the third time I've been pulled over in a year and they've never ticketed me for it. The last two times they noticed and had mercy on me.

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