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Thanksgiving in the USA

My Thanksgiving would have boring as all get out, if an acquaintance of mine, after church this past Sunday didn't ask me what  my plans were--I had none.  So, she  & her parents came over with home-made quiche & a 3-berry dessert.  For me, a very lovely day.

These are things I'm thankful for this Thanksgving:

*  that I live in a country, where there's freedom*  that though I use a manual wheelchair, I have mobilty & strength in my upper body

*; that I've got great friendships

*  for ALL the material goods that keep me comfortable and/or I have fun witho


On All About My Relationship with the Lord Jesus, and Life in General

I find out earlier today, an acquaintance had died in his sleep, this morning, here in the facility. Bill was a very nice guy, though I didn't know him very well, but he always asked what I was doing at the computer. He did have an e-mail account and always said he sends one off to his son. Exactly 2 weeks ago, another acquaintance died from lupus. She was 3 years younger than myself! I have to realize that death is more "prone" to occur in this environment than say, the general population. It's nonetheless sad--to say "hello" to someone one day, & then, to find that very same person died during the night certainly jolts one's equilibrium [thank heavens for spell-check!]. I'm hoping & praying no one passes away. . .at least for a while.

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