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I s-so-o-o-o detest this chronic disease that wipes me out so severely! I wasn't able to do any story-writing yesterday, I was so tired from traveling to & from church, Sunday, that I ate breakfast & went back to bed!! Here it is Tuesday & and I'm still feel as though in a fog!! Oh, Lord, do grant me help!!


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At the end of the year, all of the faculty write Kudos to one another. But, they're not just any Kudos. They are long Kudos to leave everyone on a good note with one another. While writing my Kudos to other teachers, I noticed one thing: I am very bad at writing. It was extremely hard for me to get my notes down on paper and make it clear and concise. I felt as if I went on too many tangents and couldn't really focus on one specific point.

One of the main reasons I wanted to start blogging was to improve my writing. Writing is one of the main skills required for life to be honest. It helps you communicate ideas, and as I get older that will start getting more and more important. Whether it's writing a college application essays or writing papers, I will always have to convince people that I'm right and to join my side. Writing makes or breaks an argument, especially when it's not spoken (speeches are still written, however). I want my writing to improve. I feel it improved a little this summer because I did have to teach Lit and write many Kudos. Also, this blog can and will contribute to my development as a better writer.

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