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The stories I'm creating

O.k., here are the two stories I'm working on currently:

1) loosely based on part my mom's life, her early twenties, when she was cited as being an unfit mother, to her first child [my half sister].

2) an all-work-of -fiction,a young 20-something gal goes into a coma, due to an accident, but lives her whole life while in a coma.

So far, I've got the major characters' bios, done & 1/4 of the minor ones written, & a few scenes of each story "hashed abit".

I have a question to any one who reads my blog and has more experience with blogging than I, and who has written [& published?] their own works of fiction: how much do I reveal of my stories? I would appeciate all comments.

A Better Day!!

On All About My Relationship with the Lord Jesus, and Life in General

The only things I got accomplished were to input the rough outline of my first story, and begin its prologue--I chose not have a 1st chapter per se, rather a current time setting. Its actual 1st chapter will be the story's beginning, of course.

This story is loosely based on how & why my mom "lost" her first child, my 1/2 sister. I'm fictionizing quite alot of this, since my mom is no longer around to tell the details, I only know for certain that Becky [my 1/2 sister] had been taken away from my mom. The rest of my version of the story is pure, plausible fiction.

I'm still unsure of how much to reveal in this, my blog.

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