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The Lord is good!!

Well, I'm truly back. I have been away because of inconsistent visits to my public library where I had the only access to the 'Net. Now, I been given an Android tablet as an early Christmas present from a friend I barely know--I am still thanking my Lord Jesus every day I have this tool!!! And I still have my Minolta. X-700 camera, though the photos I've shot & had developed are nothing spectacular, just getting back "in the saddle" of shooting. Also, I have really been writing. None of this done consistently due to m.s.-related fatigue. Most days, I'm grateful to be able to open my eyelids!!!

Brief Update

On Participating in Change Labs

So I've had a week/10 days of grief.

It's what I say when I have momentary depression periods. About every 6 months or so I get overwhelmed with life and spend time resting. I sleep, I eat vegetables, and I cry. Weep is more accurate really. I've also spent a large amount of time blowing my nose as I caught this stupid flu bug going around which hasn't helped things. Sore throat, headaches, ear pain - the works. It's sucked.

I just get overwhelmed with responsibilities. I do my best, but I just need to accept that this is part of my life and who I am. So I try to be kind to myself and understanding. I often start to beat myself up, but it's hard. I probably would've been able to keep going if it wasn't for this stupid flu though, it's hit me for 6.

I've struggled with depression and anxiety most of my life. It's hard, but it's me.

I've been working on the list thing. I've folded and put away all my clean washing and I've cleaned and sorted the desk. Things are looking clean at least.

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