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As she said, " I'm bbbbaaaaccckkkk!"

As of Aug. 16th, I've started writing my story--specifically "edie's story".It's very s-l-o-w goin', but at least, I'm goin'!! I've got only 5 major character bios, about 8 minor character bios written, so far; abit of an 'iffy' plot, & a couple of subplots. In case anyone "out there" is curious I'm doin this "ol' school" [paper&pen!!!]. I do hope to buy a 'puter sometime maybe next year{????}.

Two Weeks is Up

On Tynan

During the past two weeks I've waffled back and forth on whether or not to continue to posting daily. Half the time I think it's a great idea, and the other half I'm checking the calendar to see how many more days of this bedtime-extending hell I have left.

Some pros and cons for the writing every day thing:


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