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Well, I'm still stuck in

bed, expecting to get the problematic back-rest 'swapped-out" on Sept.12th!! Yep, 20 days from today!! UGH!!! I did speak with the guy who will doing this; silly goose I am, I forgot to ask when he could get this done. I do plan on calling him, Monday. I received more 'get well' cards from my church family--those so cheered me up!! One of my pals had circulated a 'get well' card around our dining room, here in our assisted-living facility-- there are 33 signatures in that card!! THAT so touched me!! That's the latest!!

"Immature L. Balance"

On Labyrinth

.. I want to stop this, to start looking you as I was seein' you at the beginning, but I can't something is not lettin' me to. People make time for what they want. Take that to heart and know that if you are serious about me you will be just as serious about spending time with me – even when it’s not most convenient for you.

I can't believe to my ears you are sayin' "my opinion is gross", "I'm always negative" then why you are with me?! Don't tell me you love me, that is not enough. I'm sayin' that because I want to change few things about your immature attitude, I thought you said you want me to help you, to change you, to teach you the things I do know. I'm not sayin' I know too much but some things you know better than me, and I do know other things better than you, so the things I know I want to share with you because I do love you. And I want to spend my life with you. Well this why boy-o. You are the one who is not mature at all in this case, tellin' me all this things, you never understand or see my affection and care for you. You always take the things in wrong way. I'm sorry but for me you are ignorant in this.

I'm wondering did you fall in love when you were ready, or when you feel lonely?

Don’t compromise or get into a relationship with me for the wrong reasons.

Do you know if and why you love me truly?

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