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Being broken. . .

I'm feeling Mr. Stephen King's physical pain, to an exceedingly smaller scale!! Last Thursday, the 30th of July, I tumbled out of my wheel-chair, as I was lifting one of the foot rests up, so that my feet rest on my facilities's dining room floor. I tipped over, fracturing 1 or both bones of my lower left leg. My wheel-chair was not damaged, at all. I, now, am waiting in bed for my insurance to o.k. reinstalling the backrest that was removed, just the day before! All story-writing is put "on-hold", tfn!! UGH, double UGH! O I do know I could write/work in bed, but I haven't got much enthusiasm for it, at this point.

Part 2 - My Unintentional Diet Story

On The Unintentional Diet

We picked our son up from camp...based on what had happened I was very thankful I was alive to see him. We went home to Nashville and as always I made him a special dinner to celebrate his return home. We had pork tenderloin with a fresh peach salsa and his favorite ice cream. I felt like my throat was tight but blamed it on being a little paranoid. On Sunday morning I made bacon and eggs for breakfast and again felt lightheaded and very strange. Again just thought I was being overly sensitive.

Monday Kirk had to leave for a business trip and I promised to take it easy. I also had my sone there to help. By Monday afternoon I was still not feeling well and called my doctor. They suggested I come in to the office. Once there she gave me another steroid shot (with all the steroids I was hoping I was not going to start growing facial hair and have me voice start changing :) ). She was very concerned and set me up the next morning with the best allergist in Nashville. I went to his office on Tuesday and proceeded to go through the whole story of the things I had happen and also mentioned the tick bite I received in June. (This was now August 5th). He looked at me and said based on my reactions and the foods I had eaten he knew what I had..but he wanted to do blood tests to confirm. They drew a lot of blood and tested me for every known allergen under the sun.

I went home to await the results. On Wednesday I had my usual smoothie for breakfast and started again struggling with throat tightening and feeling faint. My son had been to a movie with a friend. When they dropped him off I told my friend I was not doing well and felt I needed to go to the ER at Vanderbilt. I was talking to my doctors office on the way and they said I needed once again to inject myself with an epipen. My friend pulled over to the side of the road and popped the epi in my leg with all her might (she was making sure it got in me..I could not walk for a weak). We laugh about it now but thankfully she was there and not afraid. We were 30 minutes from Vandy, it was rush hour and knew we would not make it before the epi wore off. We pulled into a church parking lot and called an ambulance. They gave me more Benadryl and steroids on the way. Once again I found myself in the ER, not really knowing what was happening to me.

My doctors decided to admit me to the hospital so they could control the environment I was in until they figured out what was wrong with me. They were going to let me go home on Thursday until I had a reaction to plain chicken and rice? Really? Chicken and rice! I was so upset and confused. So they gave me another round of chicken and rice for dinner...this time no reaction?? On Friday morning I got a call from my allergist...I was diagnosed with Alpha-gal.

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