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not mentioned since I now have a more permanent means of expressing myself:  * while I was living with the boy-friend (much later, I split from--verbally abusive), I sensed God giving me a dream to not only help me out, but ultimately help a great number of other folks.  This dream was a 2-parter: the 1st--shoot a lot of photos with my (then) Minolta Srt101 film camera, post those photos on-line for people to buy.  Part 2--from the profits of those photos, I would create a foundation to begin funding a homeless shelter & services better than what's in my community currently--the one I feel I'm led to begin will be strictly Christian policies firmly in place.  No one will be turned away, unless the shelter full.  Additionally, the message of the Gospel will be shared, gently to those who are in need or to those who are curious There will no ramrodding Jesus Christ's message of everlasting life to anyone who comes through the doors of this shelter or of its services. Then, that went down the the proverbial toilet, when I broke up with b.f--losing everything I owned because of the infestation of 3 species of bugs, I was instructed not to bring anything to my new 'digs'.  I thought for certain that 2-part dream was gone, forever!!! Of course, if the Lord God is the one inspires to do something and circumstancesseem to waylay that something, it "don't mean diddly squat", because the Lord is, by far bigger than any circumstance. * I, then, received my 2nd camera--a Minolta X-700 film camera! The camera was already loaded with 2-year-old film. I got as well a package of film and a bag.

Free_Lunch's Minecraft Nomad LP #11: The Stronghold

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With an Eye of Ender and some X-ray technology, I find a stronghold and begin my search for the portal room so we can go to The End. We're close to the finish on this series.

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