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Midtown East - Bierhaus [German]

3rd street, between 44th and 45th Avenue

Food Quality: 2 / 5 Unless you like German food

Price: $15 Burger and Fries

Special: 50% off Dine-in up to $25 with the free ScoutMob app anytime except Thurs-Sat Dinner.

Credit Card Accepted?: Yes

Midtown East

You'll hear Midtown East described by foodies as a desolate, ugly area with the worst food choices in a borough already known for its inferior-to-Brooklyn pizza. I'm not here to argue that Midtown East is a brilliant renaissance of gastronomy, but the idea of what it means for an New York neighborhood to be food-rich or food-poor is more nuanced.

Midtown East gets its reputation because it has so many corporate franchises and mediocre restaurants. If you're not familiar with the area, you have a smaller chance of getting lucky if you walk into any place at random. But that unfortunate development is hardly unique to Midtown. Franchised eateries have displaced many independent eateries in all of Manhattan for better and for worse. It's not that the people in Midtown have bad taste, it's just that the population that dines in Midtown are either workers on lunch break looking for expedience or the timid tourists who demand familiarity (Not you, Ms. Sophisticated-Palate, but the horde of Chinese tour buses are going to Empire Garden, not Le Bernardin). In a neighborhood where people go to work, the demand is for fast, dependable food, not slow dining. You shouldn't expect the ethnic diversity of Queens or the eclectic creativity of East Village, but you'd have to be quite pretentious to believe either are required to enjoy a meal.

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